Black panthers intemidating voters

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The New Black Panther Party would not be intimidating voters if the Justice Department had not aggressively intervened on their behalf.Had their prior voter intimidation acts led to serious consequences, we would not be seeing this now.The Court said that they will issue around 6-12 Orders with approximately 6 – 10 names per Order. The SEALs have indicated they are there to record, not to confront. Due Process and Judicial process are not one and the same, particularly when it comes to national security.Supposedly, these videos will be used *later* to document any issues. the Constitution guarenteees due process it does not guarentee Judicial process ."If the Justice Department chooses - and I would be delighted if it did so - to send to us, for instance, somebody who is at that alleged brown bag meeting in which [Deputy Assistant Attorney General] Julie Fernandez said, 'We don't prosecute cases [against] blacks …' fine. I want evidence."Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund, also appearing on "Face the Nation," argued that not all the facts are known, "because the Justice Department is stonewalling subpoenas issued by the U. Commission on Civil Rights."Two African-American poll watchers testified they were intimidated," said Fund.

All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works.” So far this morning, Democratic operatives prohibited 75 legally credentialed Republican election workers from accessing polling places in heavily Democratic areas in Philadelphia.Incidents ranged from judges of elections refusing to seat Republican Minority Inspectors and Clerks, to reports of Democratic election operatives announcing that “ No Republicans will be allowed in the polling place.” As a result, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania petitioned the Court to issue formal orders to force Democratic judges of elections to seat Republican minority inspectors and clerks.There are more pictures of Attorney General Holder’s racist army of vote intimidators doing their job.(@Color Me Red) November 06, 2012 More on the court victory from the Republican Party of Pennsylvania: HARRISBURG, PA— Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the first court order issued by the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas to seat Republican Minority Inspectors in Philadelphia Polling places: “ This was a shameless attempt from the Obama campaign to suppress our legally appointed Republican poll watchers in Philadelphia and they got caught,” Chairman Rob Gleason said.

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