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Connecting these two trail sections is the “Lost Garden,” the longest rock garden in the area under the service bridge.

The trails on the top of the island are moderately more difficult, with tight singletrack riddled with lots of roots and tight turns. It has been home to a fishery, ironworks and a power plant. The Island was turned into a park in 1973 and the suspended pedestrian bridge opened in 1988.

Once a large country estate, the park became a terminus for a trolley line that was brought from downtown Richmond, which drew new residents to South Side Richmond.

In the early 1900’s, an amusement park was established in the park.

Waning popularity caused the amusement park to close in 1932, partially due to the Great Depression.

The park was acquired by the City of Richmond in 1933.

Choose a park or area from the list below to learn more about mountain biking opportunities in Richmond!We ask our trail users to observe the IMBA rules of the trail and the 24 hours / 1″ rain rule – meaning stay off of the trails for 24 hours for every inch of rain the falls..Details of each of the trails, including terrain, access points, and parking, can be found at the bottom of this page in each of the individual trail links.To download the map, right click the link and select “Save As”.Even though Buttermilk is in the same park as North Bank and Belle Isle, it definitely has a much different feel.

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