Second life online sex stings

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Huffman was unable to confirm how much Knight's extradition cost.

He is being held in the Montgomery County Jail on 0,000 worth of bonds.

“I’m human and made two mistakes in my life,” Bennett wrote.

Stropy said that Bennett “wasn’t feeling 100 percent mentally and physically” when he made the decision to respond to the ad — although that didn’t excuse his behavior. Wilson accepted the attorneys’ joint sentencing recommendation of six years, four months to life in prison.

CONVICTED ON ANOTHER CHARGE: Lamont Cash, attempted aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Cash was arrested on June 13, 2017 and sentenced on Nov.

"With kids out of school, we want them kept safe," Huffman said.

He wrote in the statement that putting him in prison for years wouldn’t make the lesson “clearer or stronger,” and described the detrimental impacts that publicity surrounding the case had on his life.As for the rest of the men arrested in the sting, their charges range from online solicitation of a minor to attempted aggravated sexual assault of a child.Huffman said the sting, timely dubbed "Operation Safe Holiday," was a successful attempt at getting the alleged offenders off the streets."We believe that he was going to make the journey to come a meet a real child here at some point." Knight's defense attorney E.Tay Bond said it is important to note that his client is not charged with producing any child pornography, and even more importantly that Knight and any alleged victim in the case were not from anywhere near Montgomery County.

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