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For all funds sent to this account, only US Credit Card holders and Paypal users will be able to receive US Tax Documents.All other funds are qualified for Korean Tax Documents only.Donate to this project if you want to contribute towards the general missions fund.This fund is used to support both domestic and international missions projects, both internally and with partners.Our ADVANCED search facility, in the left hand navigation, allows you to search and view all types of information and in most cases the equine ads contain a photo of the horse, pony or stallion for sale, for loan or wanted.We also offer advice for beginners, as well as horse, trailer and rider insurance and banner advertising if you have any equestrian products to sell.SCAMMERS & SCAMS - Please be aware that there are a very small minority of people, who answer your adverts, who may be scammers trying to defraud you financially.For more information on what to watch out for - please click SCAMS & SCAMMERS For a fantastic range of top quality equestrian clothing and riding wear in the UK with fabulous DISCOUNTS and OFFERS on some lines, please visit equestrian equipment Thanks - Nick and Emma Higgin.

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There has been some opposition lately to the “Kimigayo” both within Japan and in other east Asian countries, for its association with militarism, and for the virtual worship of the emperor in the lyrics.Fenton put his own music to the “Kimigayo” words selected by Oyama, and the first “Kimigayo” anthem was the result.The melody was, however, completely different from the one known today.AI Chatbots Innovate Customer Service for Financial Products and Services Widespread use of chat apps has increased the number of people familiar with chat UX/UI.The Horse Exchange: Our free horse ads contain information on horse types, disciplines, colors and breeds advertised like - Thoroughbreds, Welsh Mountain, Paint, Quarter Horses, Warmbloods, in many disciplines, such as - eventing, show jumpers, dressage, carriage driving, pony club ponies, beginners ponies, sports horses, and all gender types - mare, geldings, filly, colts and stallions.

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